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      GOLDEN WAY is an international enterprise specialized in the research, development, production and trading of power tools, such as miter saw, cut off saw, band saw, flip over saw, metal cutter, lithium cordless drill, cordless screwdriver, cordless working light etc; garden tools, such as blower vacuum etc. Our products are successfully sold to distant worldwide markets, Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. We have our own factory and trading company in Ningbo, we can make you satisfied by meeting all your demands with our own-produced products or products sourcing from our important partners. 

      Relying on the strong technical research, development and quality control, specialized service, quality products and effective product supplying system, we develop many new products for our customers every year, and also we make sure that all our products are with innovative new design, good quality, competitive price and prompt delivery, and we are becoming as the important business partner of a few world-famous retail sales enterprises, the building material supermarkets and distributors and enjoy a high reputation.

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