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      We Hubei Greetmed Medical Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer focusing on development, production, sales and service of non woven products, disposable surgery set.

      Our factory is located in south area industry district, XiaoChang City, Hubei province, China, Covered an area of 10,000 square meters, in which there is 7,000 sq.m production workshops, with a group of professional research and development team and after- service team. The company has been qualified by ISO 13485, CE and other national quality control systems. 

      Our leading products include disposable Isolation gown, Surgical gown, face mask, kinds of nurse cap, shoe cover. Also we have professional & special production line to make disposable surgery set, such as Knee Arthroscopy Set, Ophthalmology Drape, Extremity Set, Cardiovascular Set, U drapes, kinds of Surgical Drapes, and other medical consumable materials as well. Our products are sold well at home and worldwide per good & firm quality long term.

      With total quality control system and enterprising spirit, we always provide our customers with the best material and perfect finished products, be it customized or not. With the head of office Ningbo Greetmed Medical Instruments Co.,ltd together. We believe that professionalization, flexibility, punctuality, and price are our strength in the competitive market of medical products. With rich experience and excellent service, we can manufacture " customized " products of high quality. And we hope we could help any one who need us in the world.

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